Casino de Monte Carlo – The fantasy of any player

For gamers, the magnificent Monte Carlo is what Disneyland is for any 5-year-old, dressed in an Elsa dress, who sings “Let’s Fly on the Waves” – a dream come true. Millions of euros are wagered under the unimaginably elaborate ceilings of the casino rooms. You realize that everything screams luxury and grandeur the minute you set foot in Monaco – from the shiny Ferrari and Lamborghini in the valet park, to the red carpets that greet women in evening dresses and diamond necklaces and men in black toxin. Let’s see how this seemingly uninteresting place has become the largest gambling site in the world and what makes it so irresistible for players to this day.

The prince invited him to start the same operation in Monaco, but he refused. However, a casino was opened by other contractors , but it was so unpopular that bored croupiers used to waste their time outside the building, looking for customers with binoculars

Blanc purchased a license to operate in exchange for a generous annual fee paid to the ruling family. In the following years, the casino took off and the principality had so much money that its citizens stopped paying taxes , which is the situation today.

Once upon a time, the most 96Ace Thai Casino popular game here was Roulette, but now you can find board games and slots. The Europe Hall is dedicated to board games. The Renaissance Hall has 50 slot machines. Sala des Ameriques is also reserved for slots. The Blanche Room and its terrace offer roulette, Punto Banco, Trente et Qurance, Ultimate Texas Hol’em Poker and Blackjack. The other three game rooms – Salle Touzet Nord, Salle Medecin and Salon Super Prives – are private rooms, and the stakes there are usually higher. The casino is open every day from 14:00, but keep in mind that although you do not need a black tie and a suite, Blackjack, Texas Hold’em Ultimate Poker and Mini Craps, slots, electronic roulette, and if you are a tall player, there is a special VIP area with video poker machines with high limit. 

Located in the hotel and resort of Monte-Carlo Bay, Monte-Carlo Bay Casino has a more modern atmosphere. You can find 157 slots there and what is even better is that there is a smoking terrace with another 30 slots on it. There is no dress code and the casino is open daily after 14:00.

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