Casino Dealers – The Advantages and Disadvantages of Being a Dealer

When you see them smiling and winning too often, you would probably think it’s not a job, but a piece of cake. But is it enough to have a nice face and be good at handing out books? We will take a look at the specific set of skills you need to have in order to take a job and become good at it.

First of all, a dealer needs to be friendly and polite and make customers comfortable. Second, they have to be dedicated to their craft and fun people. Third, they need to be able to focus on the game for a long time and manage stress well – remember that dealers also need to do basic mental calculations quickly. Fourth, they just have to be sociable – an introvert won’t do it in this industry. Last but not least, it should be eye-catching. Overall, a good dealer is a good multitasker, in addition to being professional and friendly. And if you ask yourself “type the dealer”, the answer is Yes, for sure! I’m not a top player, but when a dealer gives me good cards and good luck, my first thought is to give him a nice, fat tip!

For starters, there are different types of dealers depending on the games they work with. You may find a list of jobs for a blackjack dealer , a roulette croupier, etc. you are more likely to come across dealers who can work with several types of games , so a game dealer or a board game dealer is a much more appropriate term.

A very popular type of A very popular type of dealer at the moment is the live dealer, called the real dealer. They are commonly found at the best online casinos and they enhance the gaming experience immensely . There is something specific about casino dealer jobs: they may not need to be good at math , because the computer takes care of winning hands, counting, and making payments. However, it must look impeccable in bright light in front of several rooms, even in close-ups.

Many people think of them when they think of work in general and there is a good reason for that. There are many benefits to being a cruise ship dealer. On the one hand, there is the chance to travel the world and see beautiful places that you might not afford otherwise.

Start a croupier job and you’ll end up accumulating piles of chips and keeping them, at least while you’re at work.

  • You can expect to get nice tips that would really make a difference in your payment.
  • In a way, your work and the way you take care of people determines how much you get, which means that your pay depends on you – now it’s an advantage you can’t find at every job.
  • You work in a fun place – there’s something about being in an entertainment place that highlights the positive in life, even if you’re not the one who wins that huge jackpot.

As fun as it sounds, it has to do with certain disadvantages, which, for the sake of objectivity, we will not ignore. However, what is a loss for one can be a gain for another , so do not be discouraged if you have decided to try this profession. Even if this is the case, it would be good to review the disadvantages of the approach as a day job.

  • You will probably have to start with a minimum wage. Although you could grow up in at least two years and you might be able to make up for it with the best tips, you shouldn’t expect the kind of guys you’ll get at a famous London casino everywhere.
  • You will need to get a qualification or tuition that you should pay for yourself. There are schools of casino dealers and training opportunities. If you choose the first one, make sure you check the school credentials first . There is even an NVQ in gaming operations available in Romania.
  • You can’t afford to be distracted, no matter how repetitive the job becomes. The yawning at the table doesn’t look too good.
  • Unhappy players can become aggressive – they could even try to physically attack the dealer. Also, live dealers are not safe – some smart stingers can come up with a face, record it and then upload it for everyone to see.

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